WELCOME to my website!  

My name is DeMaris, creator of DeMaris Anne Watercolor Designs. I'm a retired school teacher who truly loves color.  I started creating my floral watercolor art in June of 2020 and then began my business selling greeting cards in October of 2020.  My business is based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Being retired for a year, I decided to take a watercolor class and much to my surprise, after three classes, I was hooked!  I bought my own paint supplies and watched tutorials and explored for hours, day after day.  I found out quickly painting flowers brought joy and was good for the soul.  After giving several of my pieces as gifts, I started to get requests for various originals and I realized I needed to make prints.  This is where it all began...

My goal is to give you a word or two on the front of the card to help lead you into your personal, individualized message. Check out the "Ideas" page for inside messages.

              e.g.  The "happy" card could be used for any celebration - happy graduation, happy 1st day of school,                happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy wedding, happy retirement, etc.

My hope and vision is that my cards and prints will bring joy as you bless others by your expressions of love and encouragement through my art.  I'm thankful to be a part of it.




Painting work area